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Rajan Pillai Foundation


Our primary mission is to work with poor families throughout India to tackle the root causes that continue to keep them uneducated, exploited and vunerable. We have learnt over decades of experiences, that this is the fundamental need of the moment.


Our work spans the area of

► Educations

► Encouragement for a new breed of enterprising entrepreneurship

► Arts

► Sports

► Medicines and Hygienic


We have been actively been following these objectives and have managed to, achieve prove sustained growth and actively within the communities we are serving. This has reinforced a resolve to move forward and attaining the original objectives of the Foundation.

You can help us to bring about a permanent change so that children can have a happy, healthy and protected childhood, forever. We will appreciate your continued support as we can't reach our goals in alone. We need support to maintain this momentum.


Topics of Focus

       Cultural impact on illness and health seeking behaviors

       Female and male reproductive health

       HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases

      Community-based health promotion and disease prevention

      Transcultural nursing





 Social Commitments
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