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Research for Health
Research for Health

The KJP Research Foundation is a center for excellence in basic and applied research on food, plantation and horticultural crops to undertake programs of rural development and thus generate employment amongst rural people.


Let's talk about you, a person who loves food. We want nothing more than to make safe, delicious and nutritious foods while providing the information you need to make choices for a healthy lifestyle. The focus of our strategy includes the following key areas:

• Food safety and quality
• Health and nutrition
• Consumer Education: Start Making Choices
• Advertising and marketing
• Biotechnology


Food Safety and Quality
The Foundation has developed rigorous food-safety practices in all of our facilities and manufacturing processes.


Health and Nutrition
Eating right means something different to everyone. Whether because of personal preference, age, gender or a specific health concern, consumers look for the most suitable variety of foods to meet their individual nutritional needs; and we reflect that in our product offerings.


Consumer Education: Start Making Choices
A commitment to continuous nutritional improvement. We aim to help the world eat well and live well through meeting individual dietary needs and through education — clear and relevant product information, promoting knowledge and awareness among consumers, and support of professional dietitians.


Advertising and Marketing
The Foundation has a special responsibility to children and their families to provide nutritious food options and clear, accurate nutritional information. Our goal is to reinforce good nutrition messages for children and promote healthier dietary choices for all consumers.


In the past two decades, biotechnology has been used to improve yields, nutrition, resistance to drought and insects, and other desirable qualities of several common food crops, including cashews and dried fruits. As consumers grow more conscious about the types of foods they consume, some have asked about the role of biotechnology in food production and health. We aim to answer these questions on line and transparently.


Mission Statement
Our mission is to conduct research which will lead to the improvement of health. We use research methods and findings to impact physical, social, and spiritual issues of women, men and children,  particularly in developing countries or wihin ethnic minorities in developed countries. Collaboration with non governmental organizations (NGOs) and faith based organizations (FBOs) involved in health care activities is encouraged to generate maximum benefits as soon as possible.

 Social Commitments
 Research for Health